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5 inches of fiber Optics to isolate the phone line from the tel-entry. 100% effective against repeated strikes by lightning.

List price $385.00 comes with a Power Guard BX-V010
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Ground Isolation Transformer 1-to1  120V AC
Ground Isolation Transformer 1-to-1 120V AC to isolate Phase/Neutral and Ground from the primary which helps eliminate grounding differentials.

List price Price depending on the price of steel and Gas. 
100BASET Surge suppressor
Heavy duty low voltage high speed data line protection used on 100BASET application for specialize networks. CAT B3/C1 application 6000Vx3000Amp impulse and keeps on working.

List price $138.00 ea.
UPS designed to handle heavy load issues, backup generator issues and any other commercial industrial issue. This also is a smart UPS with USB port.

List price $175.00 ea.
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I find it really Interesting that most security dealers leave money on the table.  Pinellas County dealer that specializes in Gate Access and CCTV, sure sells a lot of 1000VA UPS.  He usually buys them from me at wholesale and doubles the price for his customer.  He always keeps at least six in stock.his customer.  He always keeps at least six in stock.