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We offer you an opportunity to do this right.  For a site survey fee, we can travel to your destination, review your entire site, educate your technician, pacify your doubts and give you hope that something real can be done.

Site Survey Fees are as such; $2500.00 per day (Florida & Georgia $500.00 per day), plus transportation, food expenses and if required the cost of hotel or motel stay. 

The cost of doing site surveys are much lower in Florida & Georgia since they are local and usually takes about a day or less to perform.  We will provide a written document to support your needs and provide recommendations similar to the document you already have down loaded in pdf. It is possible to do this by phone, but your technician and I must be one on the phone and with a copy of this document that you have already down loaded to review.  We will do the SLI rule, and will uncover all that is needed.